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White NannyFor your convenience, we've compiled some handy resources here for you - from tips and tricks to information and history, there's a little bit of everything here about Angora Goats.

Angora Goats - A Small-Scale Farm Alternative
From the University of California, this is a good basic angora goat primer.

Yocum-McColl Wool Testing Lab
Micron testing, along with fleece weight tracking is an integral part of our buck selection process.


How long do angoras live? Do they need special care as they age?
In our flock, it is not uncommon for our girls to go 9-11 years- undoubtedly we could push them longer, but because we have a large flock and select on ease of management they do not stay unless they can put kids on the ground.

Keep on top of your goat's body score and adjust your feeding program accordingly. If you have a large flock, this could mean seperating the geriatrics from the rest of the flock for TLC.

What vaccinations does an angora need? What about worming?
Tetanus and overeating (this is 1 shot combined) once per year, the kids get 2 doses a few weeks apart and then once annually. Worming at least 4 times per year, kids we worm every month up until 6 months, every two months until a year. Also, it is common practice to keep a coccistat in the feed for the kids to prevent coccidia.

When should angoras be shorn?
Every six months. September and March are popular months, right before breeding in the fall and right before kidding in the spring.

How long is their gestation?
Five months. Single and twins are most common births. Use this handy Kidding Date Calculator to calculate due date based on breeding date.



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