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Angora Goats

Hill Shepherd Farm has liquidated the Angora Goat Flock with no current plans to re-enter.




Fun Features . . .
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Herd Health . . .
Herd health is very important to us. Any animals sent to shows or new herd additions are quarantined for at least 30 days apart from the rest of our flock to minimize the introduction of outside contagions. We are footrot free.

Our Breeding Focus . . .
Our selection focus, regardless of color is based on fleece fineness, fiber uniformity, vigor and body conformation.

Replacements . . .
Replacement herd sires are selected from within our herd for our colored breeding program. Because we are consistently adding registered white genetics into our colored goats we are able to maintain sufficient genetic diversity to ensure hybrid vigor. This approach, combined with selective linebreeding has helped us achieve colored angoras that are as fine haired as any white goat and sport mohair tails.


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